A Time for Peace

We invite all to read this letter and consider endorsing it below.

Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar has announced his decision not to grant a new 10-year permit to Drakes Bay Oyster Company in Point Reyes National Seashore.

The six of us, whose sympathies lie on both sides of the Drakes Bay Oyster controversy, believe the West Marin community badly needs reconciliation. None of us, in our decades in West Marin, has seen any issue create such deep rifts in the community as the five years of ugly strife over Drakes Bay Oyster Company. This conflict has damaged the good working relationships, built in the ‘70s and ‘80s, between those who emphasize local food production and those who emphasize preservation values in the National Seashore. The wounds of the strife between these two worthy perspectives need healing.

We don’t have a plan to offer, but we know who will be important if we are to succeed. We need our leaders to lead. We need our local elected representative, Supervisor Steve Kinsey, to get back to representing both sides, not one. Point Reyes Seashore Superintendent Cicely Muldoon is strongly identified with the other side. If Steve and Cicely can find a way to build mutual trust and truly work together, we’ll be off to a good start.

Jared Huffman, our newly elected Congressman, is in a unique position. He knows West Marin from his six years representing us in the Legislature, and he is not identified with either supporters or opponents of Drakes Bay Oyster Company. He has followed the arguments on both sides, he has witnessed the fall out from the conflict, and he is willing to help heal the rifts if we ask him to.

We know that many people in West Marin cared about the Drakes Bay Oyster Company issue but remained silent because they felt there was no room for civil discourse. They were inclined to doubt the worst that each side said of the other. Now is the time to create openings for those people to speak up and be heard.

It will be hard for those who were the most passionate to bring us back together. The strength of feelings, the nature of the battle will make it harder for everyone to shake hands afterward. Those who can reach out to the other side — with sincerity — will earn the gratitude of the community.

How we manage the aftermath of this conflict will affect the strength of shared community in West Marin well into the future.

Nancy Bertelsen, former psychotherapist, writer, community organizer. First moved to West Marin 39 years ago.
Steve Costa and Kate Levinson, 16-year residents of Inverness, own Point Reyes Books.
Burr Heneman, co-founder of Commonweal, was a member of the federal Citizens Advisory Commission for Pt. Reyes National Seashore and moved to Bolinas in 1971.
Michael Mery, a native of West Marin, has worked with many community organizations.
Claire Peaslee, is a naturalist and writer who has lived in West Marin since 1980.




  1. Nancy Bertelsen, Inverness
  2. Steve Costa, Inverness
  3. Mike Durrie, Inverness
  4. Catherine Lucas, Inverness
  5. Burr Heneman, Bolinas
  6. Janet Visick, Bolinas
  7. Kitty Okamura, Bolinas
  8. Virginia (Ginny) Felch, Stinson Beach
  9. Jenepher Stowell, Bolinas
  10. Rigdon Currie, Inverness Park
  11. Michael Lerner, Bolinas
  12. Anna Mohn Gade, Bolinas
  13. Lucinda watson, Sausalito
  14. Bart Eiaenberg, Foresr Knolls
  15. Lesly Robinson, Stinson Beach
  16. Ralph Robinson, Stinson Beach
  17. Michael Mery, Pt. Reyes Station
  18. Sandy Thomas, Bolinas
  19. Julie Westcott, Bolinas
  20. Marty Krasney, Sausalito
  21. Jan Broek, Bolinas ca
  22. Michael Bernsohn, Stinson Beach
  23. Livia Westcott-Lahar, Bolinas
  24. Megan Isadore, Forest Knolls
  25. Steve Matson, Bolinas
  26. Don Smith, Bolinas
  27. Amy Trainer, Inverness
  28. bridger mitchell, inverness
  29. Terence Carroll, Forest Knolls
  30. Nancy Heldt, Stinson Beach
  31. Sharyle Patton, Bolinas
  32. Wayne Heldt, StinsonBeach
  33. Claire Peaslee, Point Reyes Station
  34. Dorothy Nason White, Gre
  35. Mairi Pileggi, Inverness
  36. Julia Bartlett, Pt Reyes
  37. Tom Gardali, Inverness
  38. Summer Brennan, Point Reyes/Brooklyn
  39. Lee Benzinger, Pt. Reyes Station
  40. jim lawry, inverness
  41. Richard Buxbaum, Point Reyes/Berkeley
  42. Ken Levin, Point Reyes Station
  43. John Speh, Inverness Park
  44. Dakota Whitney, Inverness
  45. jeff felix, point reyes station
  46. bonnie felix, point reyes station
  47. Rachel Rivers, Inverness
  48. Richard Kirschman, Point Reyes Station
  49. Max Perrey, Mill Valley
  50. Ellen Serber, Inverness park
  51. Madeline Nieto Hope, Inverness
  52. John Hope, Inverness
  53. Katherine Mitchell, Inverness
  54. Marty Frankel, Inverness
  55. Elizabeth Whitney, Point Reyes Station
  56. Jim Gault, Inverness
  57. Marc Matheson, Inverness
  58. Bob Kroninger, Inverness
  59. Carolyn Longstreth, Inverness
  60. Brian Kirven, Point Reyes
  61. Jared Huffman, San Rafael
  62. jon fernandez, inverness
  63. James Grant, Inverness
  64. Joyce Schnobrich, Berkeley, CA
  65. Jim Schnobrich, Berkeley, CA
  66. Ann Gessert, Inverness
  67. Suzanne d\'Coney, Point Reyes Station
  68. Pat Heealy, Point Reyes Station
  69. Jane Stringer, Inverness
  70. Marlie de Swart, Bolinas
  71. Mary Olsen, Inverness
  72. Ivan & Eleanor Stern, Inverness Park
  73. Alex Fradkin, Pt Reyes CA - Brooklyn NY
  74. terry nordbye,
  75. Rick Lyttle, Inverness Park
  76. Meg Simonds, Bolinas
  77. Sharon Mooney, Inverness
  78. Betty Anne Carlin, Inverness
  79. Harriet Moss, Stinson Beach
  80. Keith Hansen, Bolinas
  81. Bruce Bowser, Bolinas
  82. David Keller, Petaluma nee Bolinas/Stinson Beach
  83. Philip Cohen, Petaluma
  84. Lexi Rome, Dogtown
  85. Martha & Alan Proctor, Inverness
  86. Steve Howell, Bolinas
  87. Tom PIerce, Novato
  88. Toni Littlejohn, Pt Reyes
  89. susan prince, Point Reyes Station
  90. G. David Miller, Inverness Park
  91. Jane Curtis, Inverness Park
  92. Terry Sawyer, Pt. Reyes Station
  93. Laurie Sawyer, Pt. Reyes Station
  94. Frank Egger, Fairfax
  95. Bill Press, Inverness
  96. Carol Press, Inverness
  97. carol sweig, inverness
  98. Rhonda Kutter, Point Reyes Station
  99. Aggie Murch, Bolinas
  100. Lindsay Parrott, Pt Richmond
  101. Jennifer Norris, Inverness/Sacramento
  102. nonnie welch, inverness park
  103. Suzanne Bartlome, Bolinas
  104. Bill Braasch, Bolinas
  105. Ken Drexler, Fairfax
  106. Ken Emanuels, Inverness
  107. Don Lloyd, Point Reyes Station
  108. Ethan Okamura, Bolinas
  109. Lynn Axelrod, Point Reyes Station
  110. Bob Anderson, Point Reyes
  111. Donna and Steve Faure, Inverness
  112. Alicia Jackson, inverness
  113. Martha Howard, Inverness
  114. Jess Taylor, Point Reyes Station
  115. Caroline McEver, Inverness
  116. Tom Killion, Pt. Reyes Station
  117. Dominique M. Richard, Inverness
  118. Susan Miller, Inverness Park
  119. Ann Emanuels, Inverness
  120. Bobbi Simpson, Fairfax
  121. Suzanne Speh, Inverness Park
  122. Maria Bennett, Inverness and San Anselmo
  123. Patsy Griffin-Young, Petaluma
  124. Kris Brown, Inverness
  125. igor sazevich, Inverness
  126. Tim Stanton, Inverness Park
  127. Devi Weisenberg, Inverness
  128. Sherry Stanton, Inverness Park
  129. Laurie Sawyer, Pt. Reyes Station
  130. Raul Gallyot, Inverness
  131. Laurie Roth, Petaluma/San Geronimo
  132. Stan Weisenberg, Inverness
  133. Jerry Abbott, Inverness
  134. Sarah Hobson, Inverness
  135. Megan Mery Ryan, Brooklyn, NY (born & raised in West Marin)
  136. Jenefer Merrill, Inverness
  137. lorraine Almeida, Pt reyes station
  138. Paul Coopersmith, Inverness
  139. Suzanne Parker, Inverness
  140. Geoffrey W. White, Greenbrae, CA
  141. Cameron Abbott, Tomales/Auburn
  142. Michael Litchfield, Point Reyes
  143. Mimi Abers, Berkeley
  144. david and miriam wilson, inverness
  145. Carlos Porrata, Inverness
  146. Jenny Stock, Petaluma
  147. Mikaela Smith, Petaluma
  148. Alicia Zamudio, Visalia
  149. Neysa King, Inverness Park
  150. Neysa King, Inverness Park
  151. Janet Attard, Inverness Park
  152. Carol Sturges McCulloch, Tomales
  153. Mary C. Morgan, Point Reyes Station
  154. Diana Humple, Bolinas
  155. David Wimpfheimer, Inverness
  156. Renee Cormier, Inverness
  157. Sonja Anderson, Inverness
  158. Doris Allen, Point Reyes Station
  159. Nancy Sakellar, Point Reyes Station
  160. John Sakellar, Point Reyes Station
  161. Patrick Kleeman, Inverness
  162. Tom Yarish, Sebastopol
  163. Jan Aston, Inverness
  164. Jan Aston, Inverness
  165. Dick Aston, Inverness
  166. Victoria Hanson, Tomales
  167. Patricia & Fred Holden, Belvedere
  168. Rosie Kaufman, Point Reyes Station
  169. Amy Howder-Thompson, Santa Rosa, Ca
  170. Mike, NY
  171. Lyons Filmer, Inverness Park
  172. Mike, NY
  173. horny, NY
  174. matt, NY
  175. donna sheehan, marshall
  176. Jennifer Snyder, Kamuela
  177. Howard Deixler, Inverness
  178. ronny, NY
  179. Melanie, NY
  180. Marissa, NY
  181. Robert, NY
  182. Gavin, NY
  183. Sophie, NY
  184. Mary, NY
  185. Madelyn, NY
  186. Ava, NY
  187. Jennifer, NY
  188. Payton, NY
  189. Mary, NY
  190. Mary, NY
  191. Elizabeth, NY
  192. Logan, NY
  193. Emma, NY
  194. Nevaeh, NY
  195. Caleb, NY
  196. Dylan, NY
  197. Jesus, NY
  198. Olivia, NY
  199. Anne Baxter, Inverness
  200. crazyivan, NY
  201. Gabriella, NY
  202. Kevin, NY
  203. Makayla, NY
  204. Kylie, NY
  205. Kylie, NY
  206. Allison, NY
  207. Brianna, NY
  208. Anthony, NY
  209. Isaac, NY
  210. horny, NY
  211. goodboy, NY
  212. Nathaniel, NY
  213. Dghonson, NY
  214. Sofia, NY
  215. James, NY
  216. patrik, NY
  217. Gianna, NY
  218. Ayden, NY
  219. Mike, NY
  220. Tristan, NY
  221. Sophia, NY
  222. crazyivan, NY
  223. Destiny, NY
  224. Jenna, NY
  225. Stephanie, NY
  226. Bella, NY
  227. Hannah, NY
  228. Zoe, NY
  229. Eva, NY
  230. Jackson, NY
  231. Zoe, NY
  232. Jozef, NY
  233. Avery, NY
  234. Molly, NY
  235. Charles, NY
  236. Brayden, NY
  237. Ian, NY
  238. Julia, NY
  239. James, NY
  240. Aubrey, NY
  241. Alejandro, NY
  242. Joseph, NY
  243. Layla, NY
  244. Noah, NY
  245. Brian, NY
  246. Justin, NY
  247. Patrick, NY
  248. Lucas, NY
  249. Luis, NY
  250. Madelyn, NY
  251. Bryan, NY
  252. Sophia, NY
  253. Cameron, NY
  254. Gabriel, NY
  255. Gracie, NY
  256. Lioncool, NY
  257. Vanessa, NY
  258. getjoy, NY
  259. Gabrielle, NY
  260. Mya, NY
  261. Emily, NY
  262. john, NY
  263. Brooklyn, NY
  264. Julian, NY
  265. Aiden, NY
  266. Thomas, NY
  267. Sierra, NY
  268. Maria, NY
  269. Gianna, NY
  270. Sean, NY
  271. Adam, NY
  272. Jenna, NY
  273. Charles, NY
  274. Sebastian, NY
  275. Olivia, NY
  276. Ryan, NY
  277. Katelyn, NY
  278. incomeppc, NY
  279. Aidan, NY
  280. Payton, NY
  281. Sara, NY
  282. Brandon, NY
  283. matt, NY
  284. matt, NY
  285. patrik, NY
  286. Raven Gray, Inverness
  287. Sharon Mooney, Inverness / Point Reyes Station
  288. Cindy Morris, Point Reyes Station

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